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This resource is designed to support teaching the use of quotation marks in texts to signal dialogue.

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This resource aligns with the Australian Curriculum: English. It is a useful reference for any student developing the understanding of how to use dialogue effectively and purposefully when writing.

Designed to be printed and displayed on a classroom wall, this resource consists of:

  • 6 x levels of writing samples (from a non-example to a level 5 expert writing example).
  • An explanation of each level of writing so it is clear what the writer has added to improve the quality of their writing.
  • 8 x ‘I can’ statements which align with the levels – great for setting students’ writing goals.

Quality Writing Instruction supports teachers to refine the quality of writing instruction in their classrooms and empowers them to create quality writers ~ and hopefully inspire a lot of love for language along the way. Contact us at admin@qualitywritinginstruction.com.au